NightWatch is a Web-based application tool for order entry, tracking and management. This tool eliminates the guesswork by allowing our partners to view the progress of exams at any time throughout our process. The proprietary solution allows authorized users, including technologists, ER personnel and client representatives, to monitor real-time exam status. This solution is designed to break down all barriers between our radiologists and clients. As an extension of your facility, we remain completely transparent with everything we do.

The user-friendly navigation allows clients and their affiliated hospitals to maintain complete control of user accounts and databases. Capabilities include:

  • Real-time tracking of current exams throughout the delivery process
  • Detailed "study status" with all relevant case information
  • Online order entry by creating and submitting patient information
  • Instant access to generate or export additional radiology and administrative reports as needed
  • Submitting and tracking discrepancies
  • Creating and maintaining user accounts

Management Tool


NightWatch is a complementary tool to our existing services. Since our report turnaround time is already efficient, not every hospital will want to track studies in real time. But, if necessary, NightWatch stands ready to meet your needs. Radiology and administrative reports will continue to be sent automatically, while NightWatch delivers instant access to reports for greater control and flexibility.