The NightShift Network

NightShift creates a secure network for image transmission from your facility to our network, at no added cost to you. Our network is a highly secure Virtual Private Network (VPN)/Century Link data center combination to provide both dependability and network flexibility. Our use of Century Link data lines also ensures efficient and reliable image transmission.

In addition, T-1 data lines deliver 99.8 percent uptimes, meaning our network is available when you need it. All images transmit via triple DES HIPPAA-compliant encryption connections to our data center and in route to our network of U.S.-based radiologists. The network facilitates internal consultation and for complicated or questionable cases, images can be safely shared among other NightShift radiologists.

24/7 Monitoring & Support

Our internal IT staff monitors the NightShift Network 24/7, enabling us to support your facility whenever needed. Should you require network assistance, one of our experts will work with your IT staff to answer your questions promptly. With these measures in place, you'll have the confidence and peace of mind that your facility can connect with our services when you need them most!