Teleradiology Services

NightShift Radiology's services will support your facility overnight, to maximize staff and help your business operate 24/7. Working as an extension of your business, we strive to provide the very best in teleradiology. By partnering with NightShift, you receive dependable and responsive assistance throughout the entire implementation process working with our qualified, U.S.-based radiologists. Our ongoing quality assurance and quality improvement standards ensure accurate results with streamlined reporting and delivery processes.

Since 2001, our expert radiologists have provided quality diagnosis and preliminary reads to our partners, reinforced by an exceptional client retention rate. Through our proven teleradiology process and reporting, we provide the innovation, security and trust our clients' deserve.

Our Process

The NightShift process was designed to simplify teleradiology to allow clients to focus resources on daytime operations. From getting started to receiving quality preliminary interpretations, your radiology practice will benefit from our experience and innovative technology to stay running smoothly.


Our employed radiologists are committed to providing accurate and timely reports, with an average turnaround time of 20 minutes or less.


NightWatch is our free online application tool that enables facilities to track reports in real-time for added flexibility.

The NightShift Network

Backed by our own IT team, we provide clients security and speed with our proven and reliable NightShift Network.

Free Consultation

Learn how you can receive a free consultation today to experience how NightShift Radiology can help your business succeed.