Q: Are NightShift radiologists based in the United States, board-certified and board-eligible?

A: Yes, NightShift hires only experienced radiologists who are U.S. board-certified and reside within the United States. The majority of our radiologists have completed fellowship or advanced training for body or neurological interpretations. Additionally, each of our radiologists works full time with our group.

Q: Do you hire contractors or locums?

A: No, we never hire contract or locum radiologists. All NightShift radiologists are employed full time by the company.

Q: Can our ordering physicians speak with your radiologists?

A: Yes, NightShift offers unparalleled access to, and communication with, our radiologists. Medical staff, ER and department personnel can consult directly with our radiologists. We provide each facility a dedicated phone line, which routes incoming calls to the radiologist who interpreted the study, saving time and satisfying your referring physicians.

Q: Who will obtain medical staff privileges for NightShift radiologists at our hospitals?

A: NightShift assumes total responsibility for obtaining privileges for our radiologists at your facility. As an organization fully-accredited by The Joint Commission, hospitals may choose to accept our core credentialing, greatly reducing work for the Medical Staff Office and decreasing the time necessary to obtain privileges. For those facilities which do not support The Joint Commission accreditation, our credentialing department is experienced in working with the Medical Staff Office to complete the process as quickly as possible.

Q: Are NightShift radiologists covered by a reputable professional liability carrier? What are your coverage amounts?

A: Yes, NightShift maintains limits of $1 million/$3 million coverage for our radiologists through a top-tier insurance provider. Additionally, these coverage limits are viewed positively when applying for privileges at your facilities.

Q: Are you fully-accredited by The Joint Commission?

A: Yes, we have been accredited by The Joint Commission since 2006.

Q: Our hospital lacks technical expertise. What technology is necessary to partner with NightShift?

A: Your facility will need Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) - stored images – NightShift's experienced implementation staff will handle the rest. We will work with your facility to create a dependable image transmission process and will monitor our network 24/7, all at our own expense, providing your facility with turn-key service.

Q: How does NightShift ensure security? Will our images be secure once they leave our hospital?

A: Security and confidentiality are guaranteed through NightShift's Virtual Private Network (VPN). NightShift doesn't use direct Internet connections to our radiologists due to potential reliability risk. Please see our detailed handout entitled "The NightShift Network: Security and Reliability" for further information.

Q: What is the normal timeframe for implementing NightShift Radiology's service?

A: Though the timeframe varies from as little as a week to several months, depending upon circumstances, our immediate access to all necessary equipment and key vendor relationships allow us to begin the implementation process promptly.

Q: Does NightShift require a lengthy contract term?

A: Unlike our competitors, we offer contract terms as short as one year versus their lengthy two and three year engagements.